Church of England

Liz Perraud of The Logos ministry muses on reasons why young people disconnect from church:

What makes the difference between a teenager staying connected to the church or straying from it? If we can identify what the church can do — or do differently, can we stem the tide of those who give up or drift away from the Christian faith, and more specifically the church community? I recently heard David Kinnaman, president of The Barna Group, address the concept of sustainable faith — something that Barna has been researching.  The organization is still in the midst of the study but he did share several key observations at the LOGOS Live Conference in San Antonio, Texas in October.

First, he believes three things define what makes this next generation different:

  • The long shadow of the 60s – skepticism is greater, there is less trust, and more social change particularly in the family make up.
  • The digital world – kids are digital “natives” and information consumption has moved from passive to interactive.
  • The post Christian environment – increased cultural criticism of Christianity.

These three factors help explain why this generation is more alienated (from institutions, public schools, manufacturers), has more access (to information and the world), and has new questions about authority.

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