Church of England

A family has walked through your church doors for the first time. What might they see? Hear? Feel?

First impressions are important - some of these ideas may help families feel welcomed and encourage them to return:

  • Greet the family - including the children - with a smile
  • If there is a creche/Sunday Group, let the family know but don't insist that they take their children there
  • Let them know where the toilet/space for nappy changing/buggy park (if you have one) is
  • Help the family find somewhere to sit together - church regulars may need to be prepared to move!
  • Encourage a regular church member to sit close by in case help is needed finding the way round service sheets etc
  • If the family need to take a child out of the worship space at any time, help them with door opening etc
  • Offer the family information about church activities and services (a written sheet is will help them remember what's on offer)
  • After the service, invite the family to stay for refreshments (make sure they know where to find them!) or at least say goodbye and thank them for coming

One church in South London put together a Handbook for families. The link on the right will show you what they included.