Church of England

Colours of the Church Year

Some churches and clergy will use these colours for vestments and banners to show the different seasons of the Church Year:

  • GOLD or WHITE : for celebrations such as Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and Trinity Sunday
  • PURPLE : for preparation or penitential times such as Advent and Lent
  • RED : for Holy Week, Pentecost, the Kingdom Season and some Saints Days
  • GREEN : for the 'growing' days of Ordinary Time or After Trinity

There may be some local variations, and some churches won't use colours to mark the seasons at all. The Christian Resource Institute has more about the colours of the Church year.

Church Year Loom Band

Take advantage of the Loom Band craze!!! You will need the following colours:

  • Advent - 4 purple
  • Christmas Day - 1 Gold
  • Christmas season - 6 white
  • Ordinary time - 5 green
  • Lent - 6 purple
  • Easter Day - 1 gold
  • Easter time - 6 white
  • Pentecost - 1 red
  • Ordinary time - 23 green

You might want to introduce local variations - pink for Gaudete and Laudete, red for Kingdom Season or Remembrance, red for your patronal festival.