Church of England

Messy Church International Conference

20th May 2022

Swanwick, Derbyshire

Making a Difference is the theme of Messy Church's International Conference. Taking place at THe Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, from 20 - 22 May 2022, you can expect:

  • top-quality theological input from one of the UK’s leading theologians, the author and speaker Dr Paula Gooder
  • three workshop sessions to learn from other Messy Church practitioners around the world, covering a range of themes
  • two Messy Church sessions to enjoy hands-on learning in the company of like-minded friends, young and old
  • plenty of time in the programme to make space for God in reflection and worship and to spend quality time with old and new Messy friends from a range of countries
  • Fischy Music
  • a focus on how the kingdom of heaven can make a creative difference to our planet, to our local communities, to our churches, as well as to us ourselves!