Church of England

Children’s Spirituality Symposium

14th July 2022


The 2022 International Cildren's Spirituality Symposium will focus on a variety of shifting landscapes in children’s spirituality and how the research and practices of participants are responding to these changes. AS it is online, it will be FREE to attend.

The symposium will consist of a series of scholarly and practical conversations. Paper presenters will share their research through short (1200-1500 word) papers or pre-recorded (15-20 minute maximum) presentations that will be posted ahead of time and then discussed in live Zoom panel conversations. Workshops (20-25 minute maximum) will also be posted online so that participants can access them in advance and then talk about their experiences in a live Zoom session. Live sessions will be scheduled at various times across four days to maximize opportunities for participation from wherever participants are located. Most sessions will be in English; we hope to offer at least one Spanish language session as well.