Church of England

Community Dean

Community Dean for the With Community
Closing date: 7th March 2020

With Community is a group of youth workers who, after being given a rent-free, long-term lease for All Hallows Convemt in Ditchingham, are reimaging life there for the 21st Century. Together they are enacting their vision for a brand-new religious community whose life of prayer is focused on young people, and a spiritual retreat centre for young people and those people who work with them.

The next step is to recruit a Community Dean who will be key in helping establish a rhythm of life for the community and take the lead in developing and sustaining the community, pastorally and spiritually.

This role will change as the community develops and therefore the Dean will need to be someone who is able to adapt, transition well with change and work flexibly.

Closing date for applications: 7th March 2020