Church of England

Each year, the Office of the Children's Commissioner promotes Takeover Day. It's a chance for children and young people to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision-making. Children benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard, while adults and organisations gain a fresh perspective on what they do. It's also an opportunity to help break down barriers between generations and encourage children's active involvement in their communities.

The day itself is Friday 22nd November 2013, but you could hold an event on a date close to that one.

Your church community might get involved by inviting children and young people to:

  • Takeover worship
  • Takeover the parish newsletter/notice sheet
  • Takeover the parish website
  • Takeover the role of Church Warden/Sacristan/verger
  • Takeover the PCC meeting

But why not ask the children and young people themselves what they'd like to takeover or get involved in - they'll have many more creative ideas than these!

In the past, some Dioceses have got involved, with young people taking over the role of Bishop, or editor of the Diocesan newspaper. Maybe you could collaborate with your Diocese or Cathedral to explore more possibilities. And why not encourage your local church school to get involved as well!

The Takeover Day website has plenty of practical guidelines to help you think things through.

Do let us know what plans you have - and how things work out.