Church of England

Together with Children

12th December 2018

High, Leigh, Hoddesdon

Beth Barnett is a theologian and Children’s Ministry specialist. Together with Children is an opportunity to spend time with her as we:

  • exploring the range of roles children play in the Bible
  • draw on scripture and theology for a deep and rich picture of who children are in human community 
  • appreciate their gifts and contributions, 
  • understanding their vulnerabilities and challenges
  • re-examine the ways we are called to include, liberate, celebrate, nourish, facilitate, listen to, learn with, be transformed by - and enjoy - children in our communities of life and faith together. 
  • evaluate models of communication and learning
  • develop a deep ethos of missional faith formation that regards and the whole life and whole person - of not just children, but the whole community of all ages. 

Participants will engage in this process for their own enrichment and reflection on their ministry practice, values and context, and take tools and models back to help their communities take further steps in their own journey with God in discovering the ways of love and justice in the kingdom of God. 

Content will be respectful and useful for traditional church contexts, whilst addressing the adventures, opportunities and challenges  of creative missional disciple-making engagement beyond the time and space of traditional church. 

£100 for the 30 hour residential.

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