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School Chaplain

School Chaplain
Closing date: 13th July 2022

The Bridge Youth Trust wish to appoint a School Chaplain who role will include:

  • Developing excellent relationships with staff and students at two secondary schools in Salisbury
  • Acting as an interruptible and incarnational presence in the heart of each school
  • Delivering targeted support through 1:1 sessions, early intervention and emotional literacy programmes, where appropriate
  • Championing spiritual development in the schools, through inspiring collective worships, prayer spaces and courses etc.
  • Linking the schools with their local church(es) and community and possessing a keen eye to pin-point potential opportunities
  • Enabling staff in the development of their own Christian understanding and religious literacy
  • Joining in with our new Chaplaincy learning group, consisting of 7 members of staff, through theological reflection and mutual professional development
  • Collating ongoing monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate impact and effectiveness. 

In addition, the successful candidate will be offered the opportunity to complete a fully funded Certificate in Chaplaincy with Children & Young People (CYM)

Closing date for applications: 13th July 2022