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Scripture Union is launching the leadership development  programme called 10:2 for young adults to serve in a partnership  arrangement with Scripture Union. It is an exciting opportunity for  Trainees to serve in ministry working with and being supported by a  church, an associate trust or other SU ministry partner. You can  experience youth, children’s and families and/or schools ministry as  well as other ministry such as e.g. publishing with SU.
This  scheme is open to young people taking a year out but may equally appeal to others who are maybe wanting to  explore different avenues for Christian service but with limited  experience of Christian ministry outside of their own church.
Trainees are  important members of the regional teams with whom they serve and are  also involved in wider regional projects such as Lifepath, X:site and  holidays working with SU staff in their region. The global nature of the  Scripture Union movement (which serves God in over 120 countries) means  that there is a mission trip as part of the programme.

Within the  scheme each trainee will have a mentor and a line manager as well as  support from SU. In addition to this, each trainee receives training  from Cliff College or Moorlands College, where they study for a relevant  qualification.